Erosion Control

Landscape – Revegetation – Restoration

The establishment and sustained growth of plant material is usually the prime consideration when seeding for erosion control and revegetation. Mulches, BFM’s, Blankets and Mats are all temporary measures to stablize the site long enough to establish permanent vegetation, which is really the ONLY form of long term erosion control.

Frequently, the site involves poor soils, sterile sub-soils and soils with little or no biological activity. Ordinary chemical fertilizers can be rendered useless when the soil lacks the basic building blocks. All Gro-Power Products are designed to enhance the microbiological enviornment which helps increase the fertility of the soil.

The distinctive difference with all Gro-Power Products is that they work on the soil as a conditioner, and provide nutrients for the plant material. Gro-Power Products are registered as a Soil Conditioner/Fertilizer combination.

Our base is a true Humus, composted beyond the fibrous state, that does not contain any animal, poultry or human waste, therefore avoiding the potential for heavy metals, salts, odor, and other contaminants. The Humic Acids in our products help increase the cation exchange capacity which helps put nutrients in an available form that the plant can use. Also included in all Gro-Power Products are a proprietary blend of beneficial soil bacteria. Completing the products with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micro-nutrients, and a soil penetrant provides a broad spectrum approach to the plant and growing medium.

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