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Gro-Power, Inc. has been manufacturing Humus based fertilizer/soil conditioner products since 1966. All of our basic products contain true plant-based (below fibrous stage) Humus, Humic Acids and beneficial soil bacteria. Gro-Power is designed to increase the soil’s fertility by adding high quality organic matter (Humus) and beneficial soil micro-organisms back into the soil. These natural elements aid in improving soil texture (i.e.; aiding in breaking up clay soils, increasing moisture holding capacity in sandy soils) balancing soil chemistry and keeping plant food in forms plants can assimilate. Gro-Power products are odor free, environmentally safe, and free of waste products, such as animal waste, poultry litter, sewage sludge or toxic mine tailings. All products contain non-staining Iron, Manganese & Zinc.

Gro-Power products have been used extensively by landscape professionals at:

  • Resorts and Amusement Parks
  • Golf Courses Sports Fields
  • Parks Departments, School Districts and Government Facilities
  • New Landscape Developments
  • Superfund Revegetation Sites, Landfills and more.


Our company was founded by two innovative brothers, Carroll and Don Raines, in 1966.  The original name of our company was Southern California Organic Fertilizer Company.  Once we could trademark the name Gro-Power, we formally changed the name to Gro-Power, Inc. Our initial market area was mainly Southern California. Amazingly, our first distributor outside of Southern California was in Hawaii.

We originally operated out of a small office in the City of Glendale, CA and had our manufacturing facility in North Hollywood.  As we grew and expanded into more market areas, we moved our operations to an industrial area in El Monte, about 25 miles east of Glendale.  Finally, in 1993, we were able to obtain our own permanent facility in Chino, CA.

Our owner and president, Brent C. Holden, has been with our company since its inception.  Most of our Gro-Power family of employees has been with us for many years, some well over 40 years,  We all take great pride in being able to supply good service and quality products to the horticulture and landscape industry both here in the U.S. and abroad.

After the sudden passing of President and CEO Brent C. Holden, Gro-Power was acquired by Huma, Inc. (www.huma.us). Huma (previously known as Bio Huma Netics & Mesa Verde Humates) is the supplier of high-quality humates Gro-Power has used for its products for many years and has stepped in at this crucial time to take it under its wing. This acquisition represents a strategic move aimed at preserving the legacy of Gro-Power and ensuring the continuation of the high standards and commitment to excellence that Brent instilled in the company over the years.


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