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Gro-Power Comparison Sheet vs other Organic Products

Gro-PowerOther Organic ProductsNotes
1No animal, human wasteAnimal waste Animal manures can carry pathogens and fecal coliform bacteria (i.e. E.coli). Sewage is known to contain heavy metals (i.e. arsenic, lead, cadmium).
2True Humus (concentrated)
40 to 1 over organic fiber
Organic fiber It takes about 40 lbs. of a dry organic fiber several years to break down to 1 lb. of true humus.
3Only organic material in humus can perform agronomic functions.
Also excellent carbon source.
Not broken down, can take up to 2 years to break down True humus becomes a negative charged particle in the soil solution, thus can physically react with other elements in the soil. Organic fiber is inert. Also excellent food source that enhances soil microbiology.
4High quality humic acids (plant based)No organics sources listed or guaranteed Most organics are just organic sources of plant nutrients. They usually make no claims of humic acids, unless added as a supplement.
5Active soil conditionerNo soil conditioners in many cases See 4. Again, most organic are organic sources of nutrients.
6100% homogeneousNot homogenous; has some blended nutrients All Gro-Power products are homogeneous. Most organics are blended materials. Much more even coverage and results with homogeneous materials.
71% natural soil penetrantNo soil penetrant or surfactant Many Gro-Power Products contain a real effective soil penetrant, while most organic fertilizers do not.
8Only beneficial soil bacteriaSterile if composted as listed on bags of some products Our inherent bacteria strains are those only found in healthy soils. Most organics are animal manures, which contain pathogens and fecal coliform bacteria. If pasteurized, bad and good bacteria will have been destroyed.
9Non-staining ironCan stain Gro-Power only uses a unique non-staining iron in all of our products. Other products usually use ferrous sulfate as an iron additive. Ferrous sulfate can stain hardscapes, pools, etc., when it oxidizes and turns to rust.
10Uniform Greens and Fairway GradeNon-uniform with large pieces All Gro-Power Premium Green products are screened and sized, where many other organics contain large and non-uniform sizes.
11No nutrients from animal sources litter - therefore more consistency in terms of breakdown and release into soilContains feather meal and turkey feather meal can create hydrophobic conditions on turf Feather meal tends to repel water (as feathers are designed to do).
12Works in cooler weatherWon't work until soil temperature is warm enough Since humus is already decomposed, it does not need soil bacteria to further break it down. Most organics require active soil bacteria to further decompose. As soil temperature drops, bacteria in the soil become less active.
13Immediate breakdown of granule (particles)Slow breakdown of particles. Mower pick-upGro-Power products contain soluble organic binders that easily breakdown when irrigated. Other organics are harder to break down.
14OdorlessHas odor
15Consistent and predictable response from applicationUnpredictable because has too many release factors for organic nutrientsGro-Power products contain conventional nutrient sources that give consistent and predictable responses. Most organic sources of nutrients are hard to predict response time.
16Will never layer or stratifyCan layer or stratify because of type of organic materialMost organic fibers can layer over time when applied to soil surface.


What makes Gro-Power® Premium Green® turf formulations unique?
The main base for all Gro-Power® Premium Green® products is Humus, with high concentrations of Humic Acids. All products are free of animal and human waste. They are 100% homogeneous and will never layer or stratify.

How large are the granules of the various Premium Green®formulations?
All complete formulations are available in both greens grade (100 SGN) or fairway grade (200 SGN).  Micronutrient formulas are available in greens grade.

How can I get more information?
For various product labels and specifications and any further information, contact us at or (800) 961-1220.

Are Gro-Power® Premium Green® available in my area?
Contact us directly at or (800) 961-1220.

Gro-Power products were used on both main and practice fields for L.A. Football Club