Toss ‘N’ Gro 8-8-8

Large pellets designed to apply by hand contain Humus, Humic Acids, beneficial soil microbes, micronutrients and a soil penetrant which work together to establish soil balance, help to break up heavy, compacted soils and naturally improve moisture holding capacity. The balanced 8-8-8 (1-1-1 ratio) contains slow release nitrogen (methylene ureas) for long-term feeding.

CONTAINS: 8-8-8 NPK, 4% Slow Release Nitrogen (MU), 40% Humus, 8% Humic Acids, 2% Iron, 4% Magnesium and Micronutrients. (17#, 40# bags)

USES: Premium fertilizer and soil conditioner designed for hand applications on slopes, hillsides, and other areas. Long term feeding of container plants.

AVAILABLE IN: 40 lb bag

Toss ‘n’ Gro 8-8-8 – PRODUCT LABEL
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