GroLife® (Soil Conditioner / Mycorrhizal lnoculum)

A natural product that contains various species of endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi with an organic soil conditioner. GroLife® is effective in any type of soil, helping to create a beneficial environment for plants.

GroLife® should be applied in projects where the following situations occur: Top soil is eroded, extremely arid conditions, little or no future maintenance (fertilization, irrigation, etc.) will be occurring on this site .

RECOMMENDED FOR: EPA superfund sites, mine sites, landfills, restoration, mitigation and revegetation sites.

Soil Prep and Hydroseeding:
Use GroLife® 20 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft., or 1,000 lbs. per Acre.

NOTE: GroLife® should be sufficient for soil preparation on most revegetation projects. The projects are designed with specifications for native plants which will become established with minimal horticultural inputs; i.e., little or no fertilization. Increased weed growth may be a result of high fertilization. GroLife® acts as inoculum, soil conditioner and starter nutrient source.

AVAILABLE IN: 40 lb bag