Premium Palm & Tropical Food 9-3-9

This fertilizer was specifically designed for the unique needs of palms and other tropical plants. A Controlled Release Nitrogen, Micronutrients including 4% Magnesium and our Humus, Humic Acid and beneficial soil microbes will feed your palm/tropicals consistently for 3-4 months.

CONTAINS: 9-3-9 NPK, 30% Humus, 5% Humic Acids, Controlled Release Nitrogen, 4% Magnesium, 2% Sulfur 2% Iron, 3% Calcium, .05% Manganese .05% Zinc, and beneficial soil bacteria.

USES: General feeding, backfill, containers. Corrects yellowing of palm and tropical plants.

AVAILABLE IN: 40 lb bag

Palm & Tropical Food 9-3-9 – PRODUCT LABEL
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