• GRO-POWER breaks up compacted and heavy soils.
  • GRO-POWER develops better root structures.
  • GRO-POWER feeds the bacterial life in the soil to promote better assimilation of plant food.
  • GRO-POWER promotes healthier and more abundant plant and turf.
  • GRO-POWER contains humus to increase the moisture holding capacity of the soil.
  • GRO-POWER contains humic acids and bacteria which aid in unlocking the nutrients and other elements that have become locked in the soil.
  • GRO-POWER produces a healthier soil, which aids in eliminating many diseases of the roots and plants.



GRO-POWER is a complete fertilizer and soil conditioner. All GRO-POWER products contain all essential plant nutrients plus Humus, Humic Acids and beneficial soil microorganisms. All GRO-POWER products contain non-staining iron, manganese and zinc, with the exception of our liquid product.

What Is Humus?

Humus is organic matter which has decomposed over a long period of time; it is in a state which can vastly improve the physical structure of any soil.

What Are Humic Acids? 

Humic Acids are organic compounds made up of enzymes and proteins and naturally occur in soils rich in Humus. Humic Acids help to maintain the chemical balance in your soil.

Is GRO-POWER Organic?

The base of GRO-POWER products is natural and organic, but most of the plant food elements are not “certified” organic. We do have a new product, “GRO-POWER PURE’N’NATURAL” which is “100% Organic”. All GRO-POWER products are non-toxic and contain no sewage, animal or human waste of any kind.

Can I Use GRO-POWER In My Whole Garden?

GRO-POWER has all-purpose products for preparing and maintaining your complete garden. The product line also includes specialty products for flowers, lawns, trees, shrubs, roses, palms, water gardens and specialty plants., etc. GRO-POWER also comes in several forms, such as granular, liquid, controlled release and tablets.

Where Can I Get GRO-POWER?

GRO-POWER products are available from your better independent nurseries and garden centers.

Can I Buy GRO-POWER Products Directly From You If There Is Not a Retail Nursery in My Area?

YES, all of our retail products can be sold and shipped to you directly if you can’t find them in your area. Please email us at orders@gropower.com