(with 30.00% Humus, 6.00% Humic Acids, 3.00% Sulphur)


GRO-POWER HI NITROGEN: A maintenance product designed to feed all types of turf. A specially formulated high nitrogen fertilizer with phosphorus, potash, and sulfur. Two types of nitrogen for quick green-up and longer term feeding.

14-4-9 (S) NPK analysis, 30% Humus, 6% humic Acids, 3% Sulfur, and Soil Enhancers

50 lb. bag
APPLICATION RATES:7 1/4 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

A complete balanced High Nitrogen fertilizer conditioner. Included are two different types of nitrogen. Nitrate for fast response (even in cool, damp weather) and ammonium for long-term feeding. Phoshorus is provided for healthy deep root development. The high amount of Potash will aid in resisting disease and extremes in weather. Sulphur has also been added to provide deep green foliage color and to help reduce alkalinity.

The basic material in Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen is humus (minimum 30.00%) with Humic Acids.. Humus has the following qualities: increases the nutrient exchange capacity of the soil; promotes bacterial propogation which tends to improve the soil structures; helps increase the moisture-holding capacity and helps in breaking up compacted soils. Also included is Gro-Power's soil bacterial strains.

Only Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen feeds the turf and other plant varieties at a low cost. It also conditions the soil to guard against excessive compaction and other soil problems. No other high-nitrogen fertilizer on the market does this.

Each bead of Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen contains the 14-4-9 (S) formulation, in addition to humus and humic acids.

Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen is formulated for common and hybrid Bermudas, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Blue Grass, Blue - Rye Blends, Fescues, Blade grass-mixtures and other sturdy, heavy-feeding grasses.

For use on all highly maintained turf, such as golf courses, tees and fairways, parks, cemetaries and athletic fields. It can also be used for general landscape feeding.

Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen 14-4-9 with 30.00% Humus

Normal Application is 7 ¼ pounds per 1,000 square feet
(applies 1 lb. actual Nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. )
315 pounds per acre – 1 ton of Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen covers 6.3 acres

Light Application is 5 1/3 pounds per 1,000 square feet
(applies ¾ lb. actual Nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. )
233 pounds per acre – 1 ton of Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen covers 8.5 acres

Since soil conditions, usage, and level of maintenance desired may vary, Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen can be used effectively in conjunction with other Gro-Power products (Gro-Power and Gro-Power Plus).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen 14-4-9 is not designed to be used in soil preparation.

Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen 14-4-9 with 30.00% Humus
Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N)

73.00% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
6.66% Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)

Soluble Potash (K2O)

Sulphur (S)

Derived from Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonuim Phosphate, Sulphate of Potash and compost
Humic Acids (derived from Compost)

Bacteria (common soil and airborne organism – Aerobic, Anaerobic) Yeast and Mold

60,000 per 100 grams