GRO-POWER: For soil preparation, backfill , hydroseeding, maintenance, and for all purpose use.

5-3-1 NPK analysis, 70% Humus, 15% Humic Acids, Micronutrients, and Soil Enhancers.

50 lb. bag
SOIL PREP: 150-200 lbs. per 1000 sq. feet.


The following gives individual Gro-Power product specification information. Included is general user information and application rates for each product. The percentages of humus, humic acids and nutrients in each product will vary depending on the product's purpose, i.e. soil preparation, backfill, maintenance, hydroseeding, imprinting, color beds, etc.


SOIL PREPARATION: (for Seed, Sod, or Ground Cover)
Note: It is always wise to have a soil report completed prior to soil preparation to insure good results. When you use Gro-Power in soil preparation, you need no additional fertlizer and if desired, use 2-3 cubic yards of nitrolized shavings (bulk-organic) or equal. Thoroughly rototill amendments to a depth of 4 to 6 inches in two directions and water thoroughly.

150 lbs. Of Gro-Power per 1000 sq. ft of area.
200 lbs. Gro-Power per 1000 sq. Ft of area.

MAINTENANCE: (Turf , ground cover and shrub areas)
All Gro-Power is "Granulated" for easy application.
Top dress with Gro-Power every 4 months with 25 lbs per 1000 sq. ft.

A. 7 parts of native on-site soil, 3 parts of nitrolized shavings and 14 lbs. Of Gro-Power per cubic yard of mix. Mix this thoroughly and backfill. - OR -
B. Mix 7 parts of rock-free soil and 3 parts of nitrolized shavings and mix thoroughly. Backfill with this mixture to top of planting pit. Apply Gro-power on top of mix. (see schedule below).


Container size

Pit size

Feed Gro-Power
 1 gallon dig hole twice the size of ball  ½ cup
 5 gallon dig hole twice the size of ball  1 cup
 15 gallon dig hole twice the size of ball  2 cups
 24" box allow 2ft on each side of box  4 cups
 30" box allow 2ft on each side of box  4½ cups
 36" box allow 2ft on each side of box  5 cups
 42" box  allow 2ft on each side of box  6 cups
 48" box  allow 2ft. on each side of box  7 cups
 54" box  allow 2ft. on each side of box  8 cups
 60" box  allow 2ft. on each side of box  9 cups
 72" box  allow 2ft on each side of box  12 cups

 *Gro-Power Planting Tablets should be used for extended (12-month) feeding/soil conditioning in either backfill procedure.

Add Gro-Power or Gro-Power Plus at the rate of 1000 to 1300lbs. Per acre to be covered directly to the slurry along with the mulch, seed and stablizers. Call for complete specifications.

NOTE: If area to be hydroseeded has been soil prepped with Gro-Power/Gro-Power Plus, add only 550 lbs. of Gro-Power/Gro-Power Plus per acre in the slurry, or use Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen at 320 lbs. per acre in the slurry.

Feeding Pots and the containers with Gro-Power:
Feed during the growing season every 45 days. (Gro-Power Planting tablets can be substituted for more convenient, long term feeding. See specifications on Gro-Power Planting Tablets.)

 GRO-POWER 5-3-1
Application Rates:
 4" Pot  ¼ level teaspoon  24" box  1 cup
 6" Pot  ½ level teaspoon  30" Box  1 ½ cups
 8" & 1 Gal. Can.  1 level teaspoon  36" Box  2 ½ cups
 2 Gal. Can.  1-1/2 teaspoons  42" Box  3 cups
 5 Gal. Can.  2 tablespoons  48" Box  4 cups
 15 Gal. Can.  ½ cup  60" Box  8 cups
 Soil Plant Mix  8 oz. of Gro-Power per cubic foot of mix

 1 cup = approx 8 oz.

Fertilizer - Conditioner - Organic materials, higher plant form life, composted below the fibrous stage to support bacterial cultures Gro-Power contains no poultry, animal or human waste.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: A uniform "Beaded" homogenous mixture - 100.00% passing through a #4 mesh screen - a water soluble bio-degradable binder is used to insure fast breakdown.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: 5-3-1, Nitrogen (available) 5.00%, Phosphate 3.00%, Potash 1.00%, Humus 70.00%, Humic Acids 15.00%. Gro-Power bacterial "stimulator" included.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N)


1.00% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
4.00% Urea Nitrogen

Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)

Soluble Potash (K2O)

Iron (Fe)


Zinc (Zn)

Derived from ammonium phosphate, urea, sulphate of potash, compost and sulfides and oxides of iron, manganese and zinc.
Humic Acids (derived from compost)

Bacteria (common soil and airborne organisms - aerobic, anaerobic)
Yeast & Mold

Minimum 60,000 per 100 gram