What Products Does GRO-POWER® Offer For Sports Turf Maintenance?

GRO-POWER® ‘PREMIUM GREEN®" line of products in specification designed for sports turf maintenance. We have many N-P-K ratios and 2 particle sizes to meet your many needs.

What Does GRO-POWER® Have For My Problem Compacted Areas, Such As In Front Of Goals, Around Center Line, Baseball Infields, Soccer Fields, Rugby, Football, etc.?

GRO-POWER® PREMIUM GREEN® products contain Humus and Humic Acids and soil penetrants to aid in getting these elements down into the root zone area. These elements help to keep pore spaces open in the soil so air and water can effectively get down to the root zone and in turn develop a stronger and bigger root system. The better root system will help the plant to establish a new leaf system quicker after damage from heavy foot traffic.

What Other Services Does GRO-POWER® Offer?

We offer complete soil testing consultation and recommendation services. We have been in the business for over 32 years. If we cannot help you with a problem, we can recommend to you an experienced professional who can.

What Sportsfields use GRO-POWER®?

Just call us at (800) 473-1307 or E-Mail us ( for a list of users.

Can GRO-POWER® Products Also Be Used On PAT Systems And Other Type Of Sand Based Fields?

YES, unlike other organic products, GRO-POWER® will never stratify or layer in the field. Therefore you get all the benefits of an organic (hold moisture and nutrients and increases cation exchange level) without the disadvantages. (poor percolation muddling, etc.)

I Would Like To Increase The Low Microbial Activity In My Sand-Based Sportsfield, What Can I Do?

Since 1966 GRO-POWER® products have included a proprietary blend of beneficial soil bacteria in their products.