The distinctive difference with all Gro-Power Products is that they work on the soil as a conditioner, and provide nutrients for the plant material. Gro-Power Products are registered as a soil conditioner/fertilizer combination.

Our base is a true humus, composted beyond the fibrous state, that does not contain any animal, poultry or human waste, therefore avoiding the potential for heavy metals, salts, odor, etc.

The humic acids in our products help increase the cation exchange capacity which help put nutrients in an available form that the plant can use.

Since 1966, Gro-Power products have included a proprietary blend of beneficial soil bacteria in their products which are designed to enhance the microbiological environment which helps increase the fertility of the soil.


GRO-POWER® is a unique combination of true Humus, Humic Acids, beneficial soil microorganisms, primary, secondary and trace minerals and soil penetrants. These ingredients are blended then granulated into a homogenous granular to make a complete fertilizer product that not only feeds the plants, but also conditions the soil.

Why Should I Specify GRO-POWER®?

GRO-POWER®does a better job of soil preparation at a more efficient cost than any other product or combination of products on the market. New landscape sites have some poor and extreme conditions from which you must establish a beautiful landscape. Soils can vary from poor sub-soils with little or no nutrition to poor import soil with high clay and salt contents and worse. Only GRO-POWER® products contain a proprietary blend of beneficial soil bacteria to get the soils ecosystem back in balance and growing. GRO-POWER®contains the elements to change these poor soils into a viable soil environment to grow into a healthy landscape.

What Technical Support Does GRO-POWER® Offer To Me?

Since 1966, we've been helping landscape architects with new landscape site soil preparation. If we can’t help you with a problem, we can get you the experts that can. We offer consultation and complete soil testing services. Contact our office for a free Landscape Architects binder which contains complete information on GRO-POWER® products and services.

What About Specifications For Public Agencies?

We have dealt with public agencies for many years, including parks & recreation departments, U.S. Forestry Service, transportation departments and school districts. We can supply you with acceptable non-proprietary performance specifications or go to our specification titled "Performance Specifications".

What Projects Has GRO-POWER® Been Used On?

Just call us at (800) 473-1307 or E-Mail us ( for a complete list.