The establishment and sustained growth of plant material is usually the prime consideration when seeding for erosion control and revegetation. Mulches, BFM's, Blankets and Mats are all temporary measures to stablize the site long enough to establish permanent vegetation, which is really the ONLY form of long term erosion control.

Frequently, the site involves poor soils, sterile sub-soils and soils with little or no biological activity. Ordinary chemical fertilizers can be rendered useless when the soil lacks the basic building blocks. All Gro-Power Products are designed to enhance the microbiological enviornment which helps increase the fertility of the soil.

The Distinctive difference with all Gro-Power Products is that they work on the soil as a conditioner, and provide nutrients for the plant material. Gro-Power Products are registered as a Soil Conditioner/ Fertilizer combination.

Our base is a true humus, composted beyond the fibrous state, that does not contain any animal, poultry or human waste, therefore avoiding the potential for heavy metals, salts, odor, and other contaminants. The humic acids in our products help increase the cation exchange capacity which helps put nutrients in an available form that the plant can use. Also included in all Gro-Power Products are a proprietary blend of beneficial soil bacteria. Completing the products with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micro-nutrients, and a soil penetrant provides a broad spectrum approach to the plant and growing medium.

Why is Gro-Power Beneficial in Revegetation Projects?

When the objective is to grow plants on a disturbes site, GRO-POWER often means the difference between success and failure. Even if germination is attained, poor soils seldom support growth and eventual permanent establishment of vegetation.

For over 33 years, Gro-Power products have included a proprietary blend of beneficial soil bacteria that are designes to enhance the microbiological enviornment, increasing the overall fertility of the soil, encouragine germination and sustaining long term establishment of plants.

GRO-POWER is a natrual product that contains Humus, Humic Acids and Beneficial Soil Bacteria. These elements, combined with the plant nutrientes in GRO-POWER combine to help turn the poor, many times toxic, soils at these sites into ecologically healthy and viable soil enviornments to establish and maintain any type of vegetation, from grasses to drought tolerant native plants.


GRO-POWER contains no bio-solids, human or animal waste nor any heavy metals or toxic elements of any kind. We have been used for over 33 by public agencies, in high traffic areas and in environmentally sensitive areas. There are no nitrates or other contaminates that can affect these areas. We regularly ship product around the world and pass all stringent tests imposted by ohter countries for organics entering their ports.

GRO-POWER does not leach quickly through the soil profile like chemical fertilizers can. Runoff from sites does not contain the hgiht rates of phosphorus or nitrogen and hence presents no risk to fish or aquatic life. Safe for use in protected habitats, near wetlands, and upstream of fish habitats.

There are no 'special handling' considerations when using GRO-POWER Products, however we recommend the use of gloves, protective eyewear and dust masks at all times, when handling any 'granulated' products.

How is GRO-POWER Applied?

GRO-POWER Products can be:

  • incorporated into the soil before planting
  • mixed in the hydroseeding slurry
  • spread by broadcast or by hand, and
  • used with an imprinter or strawblower

Various formulations of GRO-POWER can be applied for incorporation in the soil profile prior to seeding. Soil tests usually reveal the best formulation to meet the goals you have for your site. In areas where incorporation into the soil is not possible, practical or desired due to steep slopes or inaccessibility, GRO-POWER can be applied with most spreaders and broadcast devices.

GRO-POWER can be mixed in slurry for all forms of hydraulic application; hydroseeding, hydro-mulching, hydro-spriggin, and hydro-fertilization. It mixes quickly and disperses evenly in virtually all sizes and brands of hydraulic planters, even 'jet agitated' machines. GRO-POWER is perfect for custom home lawn plantings, wildflowers and native plants.

Contact our office for complete soil preparation and hydroseeding specifications and guidelines.

What Techincal Support Does GRO-POWER Offer?

Again, we have been in buisness for over 33 years. Our Distributors are experts in thier local areas and can quickly answer questions involving application rates and techniques. Because it is so vital to the success of your project, we offer complete consultation and soil testing services or we can refer to several independent soil analysis laboratories. If we can't help with a certain problem, we can refer you to experienced experts who can. Contact our office for more information.

Beware of Substitutions, specify and inspect for genuine GRO-POWER Products

Now that you know the difference, avoid generalized fertilizer and soil amendment specifications and do not permit substitutions. Superficially, another fertilizer formulation may appear to have similar characteristics, but none have the same ingredients as GRO-POWER. Analysis numbers (N-P-K) alone don't tell the story. In some cases there could be a substatial cost difference unfairly realized, if the applicator is allowed to substitute another product at the last minute or in the field. How could you expect premuim results?

The more severe or crucial your site, the more important it is that you apply GRO-POWER at the specified rates and quantities. GRO-POWER has repeatedly produced superior results over its 33 year history, but we can't do it for your project unless it REALLY gets applied! Over the years we have found that reputable contractors and applicators will gladly produce delivery receipts or produt invoices on request, and that the qualified operator can qunatify how much GRO-POWER is to be added to the 'machine' and over what size area that load is to be applied. Call us for more details on insuring that what you specified ACTUALLY GETS USED on your site.

Does GRO-POWER Belong To Any Associations?

We are proud members of the following Industry Associations and actively suppost their Trade Shows and adveritse frequently in thier respective Trade Magazines.

Nevada Landscape Association
Sport Turf Managers Association
Southern California Turfgrass Association
Northern California Turfgrass Association
International Erosion Control Association
American Society of Landscape Architects
California Landscape Contractors Association
International Irrigation Association