What Products Does GRO-POWER® Have Which Are Specifically Designed For Golf Course Maintenance?

GRO-POWER® ‘ PREMIUM GREEN®" line of products is specifically designed for golf course maintenance in all types of soil conditions. There are standards grade products for tees, fairways & roughs and greens grade products for the bent grass and bermuda grass greens.

What About My Compacted Tee Areas?

GRO-POWER® PREMIUM GREEN® products contain soil penetrants to help carry our unique Humus, Humic Acids through the soil profile to help to flocculate and open-up these heavy, compacted soils.

What About My Sand Greens?

GRO-POWER® PREMIUM GREEN® products contain true Humus, which will help sand greens to hold moisture and nutrients much more efficiency, without hindering drainage like bulk fibrous organic amendments would. Also, GRO-POWER® contains beneficial soil microorganisms to help keep the plant nutrients in forms readily assimilated by the turfgrass.

Where Can I Purchase GRO-POWER® PREMIUM GREEN® Products?

Contact your supplier of turfgrass maintenance supplies or contact our office directly.

What Golf Courses use GRO-POWER® ?

Just call us at (800) 473-1307 or E-Mail us ( for a list of users.

I Would Like To Increase The Low Microbial Activity In My Sand-Based Golf Course, What Can I Do?

Since 1966 GRO-POWER® products have included a proprietary blend of beneficial soil bacteria in their products.