Gro-Power, Inc. has been manufacturing Humus based fertilizer/soil conditioner products since 1966. All of our basic products contain true plant-based (below fibrous stage) Humus, Humic Acids and beneficial soil bacteria. Gro-Power is designed to increase the soil's fertility by adding high quality organic matter (Humus) and beneficial soil micro-organisms back into the soil. These natural elements aid in improving soil texture (i.e.; aiding in breaking up clay soils, increasing moisture holding capacity in sandy soils) balancing soil chemistry and keeping plant food in forms plants can assimilate. Gro-Power products are odor free, environmentally safe, and free of waste products, such as animal waste, poultry litter, sewage sludge or toxic mine tailings. All products contain non-staining Iron, Manganese & Zinc.

Gro-Power products have been used extensively by landscape professionals at:

  • Resorts and Amusement Parks
  • Golf Courses Sports Fields 
  • Parks Departments, School Districts and Government Facilities
  • New Landscape Developments
  • Superfund Revegetation Sites, Landfills and more. 


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